By Spencer Joseph Ramsey.

Stuck on repeat…

Sebastien Tellier has been a musical staple for me for some time now.  I got his “remixes” album when it came out and fell in love with it, then moved on, like I do with many albums or songs.  I end up listening to songs on repteat over and over again until I cant stand it any more.  I do this for many reasons, one is trying to figure out how they did things a certain way, production wise, and what that might entail.  Its like being a music detective and I love it.  I love to break down songs in my head and try and figure out how they did this or that, like studying a crime of passion in my ears.  Bitchin.  I started going back through a bunch of music Ive grabbed over the past 4 months or so and have fallen in love all over again with some songs.  This is one of them.  “Kilometer” remixed by Moulinex.  Give it a minute to set the mood then it starts to get good, and Moulinex does a great job of keeping it sexy and dreamy and serious all at the same time.


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