By Spencer Joseph Ramsey.



I love photography more than any other medium.  I continue to grow with my own photography and keep looking for inspiration on a daily basis.  I am in love with beautiful things.  Whether it’s the ocean, amazing architecture, what nature brings to us in the trees and flowers, animals, man made creations, and of course women.  I strongly, and whole-heartedly believe that women are the most amazing creatures on the face of this planet.  They bring an amazing glimpse of beauty to a world of ugliness some of us choose to surround ourselves with on a daily basis.  Yes, the world is and can be beautiful, and they are a large part of it.  I don’t like to focus on anything sexual in the photos of the women I choose to show you.  I like to focus on something that is absolutely breathe taking and awe inspiring, and stay away from women who choose to abuse themselves (and others) in a negative way.  I suppose that is all a matter of perspective, but that’s my own opinion on the physical aspect of women and how they are portrayed in our current culture and world.  It saddens me that women can’t be celebrated more, rather then be taken advantage of and used.  I also try and focus on professional models.  This is what they do for a living…model.  They’re born to do it and they’re absolutely amazing. So with that, I have the utmost respect for beautiful women and what they can and should mean in our world.  They inspire me, and are naturally born art and much, much more.

MOST of these photos are not mine and I am not claiming them as mine, but I do toss some of my own up maybe once a month.

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